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Series Review: Rye on Wednesday Nights (Williamsburg)

One of the most promising series for creative music in Brooklyn to open in recent months occurs weekly at Rye (247 S. 1st St, Williamsburg) every Wednesday night, at 9 pm. The series has been going since February and was originally presented and inspired by A.E. Randolph and curated by bassist Will McEvoy and saxophonist

Concert Picks for June 2015

June 1 (Monday) Andrew Barker Trio with Michael Foster, James Ilgenfritz; Jooklo Duo with Virginia Genta, David Vanzan Delroy’s Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10 June 2 (Tuesday) Ursel Schlicht, Stephanie Griffin, Catherine Sikora, Josh Sinton, François Grillot, Andrew Drury Soup & Sound 7 pm $15 June 3 (Wednesday) Daniel Levin’s Antlers and Capillaries with

Playlist for the Week of March 30, 2015

Nate Wooley/Ken Vandermark – East by Northwest (Pleasure of the Text, 2014) Tim Daisy Trio – A Fine Day in Berlin (Relay, 2014) Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora, Nick Didkovsky, Josh Sinton – Anomic Aphasia (SLAM Productions, 2015) Mike Pride Solo – Listening Party (Akord Records, 2015) Ted Byrnes/Michael Foster – Astringent (self-released, c. 2013) Pascal

January Featured Artist: Yoni Kretzmer’s New York Premier of New Dilemma, Thursday, Jan 22, 2015

Rooted in the contemporary avant-garde jazz scene, with this project saxophonist and composer Yoni Kretzmer takes a daring step towards integrating chamber music and jazz. New Dilemma’s unique instrumentation alone brings to mind a multitude of associations, from early baroque to contemporary free jazz. The compositions aim to blur the gap between written and improvised

Best Albums of 2014

This was an amazing year with a number of innovative and revolutionary releases that made it very difficult to choose. I spent many days narrowing the best records of 2014 down to fifteen: Josh Sinton’s Ideal Bread – Beating the Teens (Cuneiform) Travis Laplante’s Battle Trance – Palace of Wind (NNA Tapes) Rodrigo Amado Motion

New This Week on Jazz Right Now / December 1, 2014

Reviews Variable Bets (2014) by Tomas Fujiwara Trio Sediment (2014) by Carlo Costa Quartet Interviews Fay Victor Videos Evan Parker, Peter Evans, and Charles Evans Live at the Stone John Welsh Solo Live at the Manhattan Inn Fay Victor and Brandon Seabrook Live at New Revolution Arts While We Still Have Bodies Live at New

Playlist for the Week of Oct 18, 2014

Holus-Bolus – Altogether … All at Once Big Plastic Finger – Up from Under (Starry Night Records, 2014) Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble – Saturated Colour (2014) Ross Hammond & Grant Calvin Weston – Blues and Daily News (Prescott Recordings, 2014) Anna Webber – Third Floor People Don’t Need to Worry about Anything (NOWT Records) peeesseye

August Artist Feature: Jim Hobbs Residency at Douglass Street Music Collective, Aug 20-23

The exciting and fiery alto saxophonist Jim Hobbs is playing four nights at Douglass Street Music Collective starting Wednesday, August 20. Having developed a take-no-prisoners reputation with his playing and composing among numerous groups in Boston, this groundbreaking artist remains under-appreciated on the New York scene. Having led the Fully Celebrated for a number of

Interview with Nate Wooley, Part III: The Making of the Quintet

Interview with Nate Wooley conducted via email, December 2012-May 2014 CB: How did you first go about forming the Nate Wooley Quartet. Were Matt Moran, Reuben Radding, and Take Toriyama the original members? I found concert listings as early as June 2004. Did the band form shortly before that or earlier? Did the group ever

What’s New on Jazz Right Now

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