Cisco Bradley

Review: Jeremiah Cymerman’s Pale Horse – Badlands

“Badlands is the second full length album by composer Jeremiah Cymerman’s apocalyptic chamber ensemble, Pale Horse. Recorded in February 2015, Badlands, picks up where their self-titled 2014 debut left off, with emphasis on dark ambient soundscapes built by the acoustic trio of clarinet, cello, and drums. Over the course of two long form compositions, the

Playlist for the Week of August 21, 2017

Todd Neufeld – Mu’u (Ruweh, 2017) Jason Kao Hwang – Sing House (Euonymus, 2017) Dalava – The Book of Transfigurations (Songlines, 2017) William Hooker & Sabir Mateen – Dharma (KMB Jazz, 2017) Zack Clarke – Random Acts of Order (Clean Feed, 2017) Dre Hocevar – Surface of Inscription (Clean Feed, 2017)

August Artist Feature: Lindsey Wilson and Reggie Sylvester

Lindsey Wilson is a singer-songwriter known originally for folk music who has moved into free jazz over the past couple of years with her band Lindsey Wilson and the Human Hearts Trio, featuring Michael Trotman (bass) and Reggie Sylvester (drums). The band also often guests the legendary multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter. Trotman’s origins are in R&B

Review: While We Still Have Bodies, Live at 49 Shade, Aug 10, 2017

The band While We Still Have Bodies (WWSHB) had an inspiring performance at underground Brooklyn venue 49 Shade on Thursday, August 10. On that humid evening, the place was packed with fans and musicians, a collection of people hungry for the cutting edge of the improvised music scene. The band is comprised of four forward-looking

Playlist for the Week of July 31, 2017

Jeremy Carlstedt – When I Woke Up (1K Recordings, 2012) Zero Point (Deric Dickens, Marius Duboule, Daniel Carter, Michael Bates) – Thoughts become Matter (Mole-Tree Music, 2017) William Parker Quartets – Meditation/Resurrection (AUM Fidelity, 2017) [2 CDs] Christian Lillinger, Tobias Delius – Dicht (Relative Pitch, 2017)

July Artist Feature: Luke Stewart

Luke Stewart has emerged as one of the most exciting young bassists on the improvised music scene on the east coast. Based in Washington, DC, he plays regularly in New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, and has toured in Europe. He has gained considerable exposure playing with the James Brandon Lewis Trio and he also leads

Playlist – Week of July 17, 2017

Kyle Bruckmann’s Degradient – Dear Everyone (Not Two, 2017) Poetry from the Future (Liebowitz, de Brunner, Carter, Norton) – self-titled (Line Art, 2017) David S. Ware Trio – Live in New York, 2010 (AUM Fidelity, 2017) Thollem/Mazurek – Blind Curves and Box Canyons (Relative Pitch, 2017) Toxic: Mat Walerian, Matthew Shipp, William Parker – This

Playlist for the Week of July 3, 2017

HMS – Tetrad (Astral Spirits) [cassette] Arnold Dreyblatt’s The Orchestra of Excited Strings – Nodal Excitation (Dexter’s Cigar) Zach Rowden & Gus Caldwell – self-titled (self-released) [cassette] Michael Foster – Comfort Boy (Wee Space Tapes, 2017) [cassette] Jeremiah Cymerman, Nate Wooley, Evan Parker – World of Objects (5049 Records) Bill Brovold & Jamie Saft – Serenity

Playlist for the Week of June 12, 2017

Nicole Mitchell’s Sonic Projections – Emerald Hills (Rogue Art, 2010) Michael Foster & Ben Bennett – In It (Astral Spirits, 2017) [cassette] Jeremiah Cymerman – Pale Horse (5049 Records, 2014) W-2 – Fanatics (Astral Spirits, 2017) [cassette] Zach Rowden – Bone Folder (self-released, 2017) [cassette] Nicole Mitchell – Engraved in the Wind (Rogue Art, 2013)

Review: Jessica Ackerley Trio – Coalesce

Alberta native, Jessica Ackerley works with drummer, Nick Fraser and bassist, Mat Muntz on her debut album, Coalesce (available on Bandcamp). The record is a study of space through the relationships between sound and silence. The title suggests an intention of sound. Before listening, we are made aware of a “coming together.” As the album