Cisco Bradley

Playlist for the Week of January 8, 2018

Chain (Yedo Gibson, Hernani Faustino, Vasco Trilla) – self-titled (No Business, 2017) Mark Dresser – Modicana (No Business, 2017) Liudas Mockunas – Hydro (No Business, 2017) Archie Shepp Quartet – Parisian Concert, vol. 1 (Impro, 1977) [vinyl] Archie Shepp Quartet – Parisian Concert, vol. 2 (Impro, 1977) [vinyl] Frank Wright Trio – self-titled (ESP-Disk, 1965) [vinyl] Ornette Coleman – The

Interview: Sam Weinberg

Interview with Saxophonist Sam Weinberg CB: What was your entry into the New York improvisational/experimental music scene? SW: The summer before my freshman year of high school, my family moved from Los Angeles to Nassau County, Long Island. Fortunately for me, that summer, my mom enrolled me in a jazz program at Queens College which


Current | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 CONCERT LISTINGS FOR 2017 December 1 (Friday) Lor in Pravena; The Delegation; Brandon Seabrook & Peter Evans; Justin Neely (live painting) Spectrum 7:30 pm $10-15 Interstellar Regions—The Late Music of John Coltrane: David Liebman, Michael Eaton, Marc Ribot, Jamie Saft, Adam Minkoff, Ben Perowsky,

Review: 3 Sets at El Quinto Piso (Mexico City), Dec 30, 2017

I hadn’t planned to go to Mexico City. After my flight to Rome was delayed 30 hours, I abandoned my original plans and spontaneously bought same-day tickets to Mexico City on December 29. I had heard rumors about the vibrant improvised music scene there, but had never experienced it first hand, so I asked for

Playlist for the Week of January 1, 2018

Ton-Klami (Midori Takada, Kang Tae Hwan, Masahiko Satoh) – Prophecy of Nue (No Business, 2017) Bobby Bradford & Hafez Modirzadeh with Ken Filiano & Royal Hartigan – Live at the Magic Triangle (No Business, 2017) Andrew Lamb, Warren Smith, Arkadijus Gotesmanas – The Sea of Modicum (No Business, 2017) Adam Rudolph – Morphic Resonances (Meta Records, 2017) Mike Reed

Playlist for the Week of December 18, 2017

Thief – Graft (Drops Music, 2017) Tatsuya Nakatani – Confirmation (Taiga, 2015) [vinyl] Kris Davis & Craig Taborn – Octopus (Pyroclastic Records, 2017) Nicole Mitchell – Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (FPE Records, 2017) Happening: A Movement in 12 Acts (ESP, 2012)

Review: Universal Melody Brass Band Live at the Stone, Oct 26, 2017

New Perspectives on Improvised Music Guest Writer: Sammi Qu-Kwok I thought the time would never come, but lo and behold, on the last Thursday night of October, I finally found time to attend a live concert. The band in question was “The Universal Melody Brass Band”. So dressed in many layers, I made the trek out to

Playlist for the Week of December 11, 2017

Tomas Fujiwara – Triple Double (Firehouse 12, 2017) Cowboys and Frenchmen – Bluer than You Think (Outside in Music, 2017) Dave Rempis – Lattice (Aerophonic, 2017) Eric Dolphy – Music Matador (Vee Jay) [vinyl] Irreversible Entanglements – self-titled (International Anthem, 2017) [vinyl] Rempis Percussion Quartet – Cochonnerie (Aerophonic, 2017) Tatsuya Nakatani – Gong (Kobo, 2016) Michael Cosmic & Phill Musra Group

Most Popular Posts of 2017

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Best Records of 2017

Nicole Mitchell – Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (FPE Records) Irreversible Entanglements – self-titled (International Anthem/Don Giovanni) Tomas Fujiwara Double Trio – Triple Double (Firehouse 12) James Brandon Lewis Trio – No Filter (BNS Sessions) Rempis Percussion Quartet – Cochonnerie (Aerophonic) Brandon Lopez’s The Mess – Holy, Holy (Tombed Visions) Han-earl Park – Sirene 1009