Cisco Bradley

Playlist for the Week of July 16, 2018

Joshua Trinidad – In November (Rare Noise Records, 2018) Sarah Bernstein‘s Unearthish – Crazy Lights Shining (Phase Frame Music, 2018) Rallidae – Paper Birds (self-released, 2014) Harriet Tubman – Araminta (Sunnyside Communications, 2017) Whit Dickey – In a Heartbeat (Clean Feed, 2005) Patrick Shiroishi – Ima (Confront, 2017) [cassette] Sean Conly – Hard Knocks (Clean Feed, 2018) Kibrom A. Birhane – Time for

Review: Anteloper Live at H0l0, July 15, 2018

Sunday evening I had my first opportunity to see Anteloper play live. It was well worth the wait. Anteloper consists of Jaimie Branch (trumpet, electronics) and Jason Nazary (drums, electronics). The band creates intense layers of sound, recording loops, playing their instruments over electronics, and using delays in a manner to create far more sound

Artist Feature: Drummer Chad Taylor

In February, I had the opportunity to sit down with Chad Taylor and discuss his recent solo record release and his duo record with saxophonist James Brandon Lewis as well as the many bands and records he has been a part of throughout his prolific career. Cisco Bradley: Chad, it’s wonderful to have you here.

Playlist for the Week of June 4, 2018

William Parker – Voices Fall from the Sky (AUM Fidelity, 2018) [3 CD box] Weasel Walter – Skhiizm (ugExplode, 2018) Don Dietrich & Ben Hall – Spitfire (What the …?, 2011) [vinyl] Nakata (Patrick Shiroishi & Paco Casanova) – Bokanovsky’s Process (Jacknife Records & Tapes, 2017) Mike McGinnis – Singular Awakening (Sunnyside, 2018)

An In-depth Look at Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl and Away with You

Guest Writer: Vanessa Vargas An immensely talented composer, improviser, and guitarist, Mary Halvorson has been active in the avant-garde jazz scene in New York since 2002. In the past eight years, she has released seven album recordings – six of them demonstrating her skill as a bandleader and one as a solo guitarist. Her original

Gentrification and Art Space: The Case of Silent Barn

Guest Writer: Adin Rimland Gentrification is described as a replacement of lower-income populations and businesses in a specific neighborhood by more affluent ones. Gentrification actually goes beyond displacement and includes the replacement and exclusion of certain populations and businesses from a neighborhood. In this article, I want to touch on the elements that create a space which allows

Interview: Saxophonist Yoni Kretzmer

Guest Writer/Interviewer: Nico Bonacquist Transcript from interview on WPIR Pratt Radio. BONACQUIST: Hello, you’re tuning into WPIR Pratt Radio. Today we have Yoni Kretzmer live. KRETZMER: Hello, how’s it going? Happy to be here! BONACQUIST: He’s going to play a little bit and then we are going to talk. [KRETZMER SOLO PERFORMANCE] BONACQUIST: Awesome! KRETZMER:

Anais Maviel with Career-Defining Performance at Roulette

When one gets busy in New York, it is easy to go a year or more without seeing certain performers, even those who play regularly in the city. That was the case for me with vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Anais Maviel (voice, n’goni) prior to her performance at Roulette on May 29. On that night, she

Playlist for the Week of May 28, 2018

Ataraxia (Jagath Lakpriya, Drew Phelps, Dennis Gonzalez) – Ts’ibil Chaaltun (Daagnim Records, 2018) [vinyl] Weasel Walter – Curses (self-released, 2016) fri(G)id – The Terminology is Flawed (self-released, 2018) [cassette] Patrick Shiroshi – Tulean Dispatch (Mondoj, 2017) [cassette] Rempis/Daisy Duo & Guests – Dodecahedron (Aerophonic, 2018) Unconscious Collective (Gregg Prickett, Aaron Gonzalez, Stefan Gonzalez) – Pleistocene Moon (Tofu Carnage, 2014) [vinyl] Wudasse