Jeanne Landers

Review: Zero Point – Thoughts Become Matter

Zero Point’s Thoughts Become Matter is the kind of album I want on with a good glass of wine late at night. It is mellow and still at times, evident on “Surrender, Surrender,” allowing us to slow with it and feel the weight of each note. The instruments on the album move carefully. Though it has

Review: Josh Sinton’s Musicianer – Slowlearner

Musicianer’s Slowlearner features Josh Sinton on baritone saxophone and compositions, Jason Ajemian on contrabass, and Chad Taylor on drums. Slowlearner sounds like an agitated mind, racing and breaking irregularly. Despite this erratic pace, the saxophone, consistently deep and powerful, is drawn out over long breaths. This develops, at times, into an explosion, as we hear

Review: Chris Welcome Quartet – Challenger

The new album by the Chris Welcome Quartet, Challenger (May 2017) is effortless and commands our attention all at once. I find myself drawn to jazz because of its distinct contrast; soft and forceful, silent and chaotic, empty and overflowing … it can be, and often is, a series of opposing ideas. This is apparent

Review: Hearts and Minds

The self-titled album by the Chicago-based band, Hearts and Minds, was released in October of 2016. Hearts and Minds is a synthesis of electronic noise and improvisational jazz, absorbing the listener into an atmosphere of synthesized fuzz and distortion. This is combined with a bass clarinet that produces both a more “classical” sound (notable in

Review: Jaimie Branch Quartet – Fly or Die

Jaimie Branch’s Fly or Die, released in May, has been on repeat for the past few hours (it still echoes through the speakers in front of me, competing with the sound of computer keys). I was bombarded with color immediately after the first track’s opening. Branch works with Tomeka Reid (cello), Jason Ajemian (bass), and

Review: Enrique Norris & Paula Shocron – Sono-Psico Cosmica

Sono-Psico Cosmica, released last year, is a project by artists, Enrique Norris and Paula Shocron. The album is a live a recording of a performance in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its presentation of tracks as well as the two’s collaboration is unique; each song primarily focuses on one instrument (with the exception of “Paisajes-Urbanos” and “La

Review: Natura Morta – Environ

Natura Morta’s Environ (Neither/Nor Records) released early this year, is a fusion of musical purity and avant-garde noise expression. Environ is pure in the way the band works with a limited amount of instruments to create such a wide range of sound. The album features Frantz Loriot on viola, Sean Ali on bass, and Carlo

Review: Sylvie Courvoisier & Mary Halvorson – Crop Circles

Sylvie Courvoisier and Mary Halvorson’s Crop Circles is an exercise in balance, while still maintaining a great sense of musical freedom. Brooklyn-based Halvorson plays guitar on the collaboration album alongside Switzerland-native and pianist, Courvoisier, also currently working in Brooklyn. The two work democratically, shifting leads and complementing the other’s sound in a way that seems

Bordreuil, Leila – Discography

Co-Leader 2017 Leila Bordreuil-Zach Rowden Duo – Hollow (No Rent Records) 2016 Leila Bordreuil-Michael Foster Duo – The Caustic Ballads (Relative Pitch Records 2015 Lea Bertucci-Leila Bordreuil Duo – L’Onde Souterraine (Telegraph Harp)