Review: Weasel Walter – A Pound of Flesh

Drummer, saxophonist, electric guitarist & electric bassist, Weasel Walter’s latest recording, A Pound of Flesh, is a four CD set consisting of nearly five hours of music. This isn’t your average cup of tea. The music is challenging and you will need to focus on the emerging sounds from each track. Weasel Walter plays drums

Review: Leap of Faith Orchestra – Possible Universes

A beautiful gong begins the proceedings of Possible Universes creating the right mood for the improvisations. A solo violinist is playing away like mad, while rumbles from small percussion instruments: bells, wood blocks, and more, pepper the floor, making it difficult to get through this impassable field. This recording uses the full Leap of Faith

Review: Sloth Clause – Make the Ghosts Turn Blue

When I toured with Cellular Chaos, I met a number of musicians, artists, along with other interesting individuals during those road trips. One such young man is, Brian David Downs. He came to our show when the band played at the Hexagon Bar, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was one of our most enthusiastic fans. During

David Peck’s Leap of Faith Orchestra – Infinite Perimeters

David Peck is one of the more prolific musicians in free jazz today. His Leap of Faith Orchestra (LOFO) is his primary vehicle for generating his brand of musical notes and tones. The first track, “Luminous,” is taken from a live performance done late last year at the Somerville Amory in Somerville, MA. The ensemble’s

Review: Ras Moshe, Paula Shocron, Pablo Diaz – Cooperative Sound #1

Nendo Dango Records is a fairly new record label that records free jazz. In the words of the musicians behind it, they describe the music and the record label’s mission: “Nendo Dango arises to gather not only our music, but also to show a way to reach it, a way of construction in favor of

Review: William Hooker – Aria: The Italian Project

William Hooker has been playing on the New York scene for many years. I first heard about him not long after I returned to New York City in 1973. I had been living in Boston, playing with David S. Ware’s band Apogee. Ware met Hooker at some point and recorded on one of his earliest

Review: Jeremiah Cymerman’s Pale Horse – Badlands

“Badlands is the second full length album by composer Jeremiah Cymerman’s apocalyptic chamber ensemble, Pale Horse. Recorded in February 2015, Badlands, picks up where their self-titled 2014 debut left off, with emphasis on dark ambient soundscapes built by the acoustic trio of clarinet, cello, and drums. Over the course of two long form compositions, the